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It mainly manufactures kinds of Scrap Metal Baler, Shear, Scrap Metal Shredder, Waste Automobile Dismantling Equipment, Non-metal Baler, Compressor and the Comprehensive Production Line of Household Garbage. The products are applied to the National Circular Economy Park, National Urban Renewable Resource Base, Steel and Nonferrous Metal enterprise, Waste Steel Processing Center (Base) and Household Garbage Processing Center.

Lifting and tipping Machine


The equipment can make the lifting and tipping of the auto bottom to the position easier to dismantle;collection of waste oil,and dismantling of engine,gearbox,and spare parts at the bottom.
The largest dismantling structure configuration: LXWXH=5.5X1.8X1.8(m)
The equipment has both functions of lifting and tipping,and for the dismantled auto,one timen collection of waste from engine,dismantling of fire,components,can reduce lots of transportation by trucks,and multiple clamping,and other auxiliary work and moreover,it can reduce the investment in equipments for moving.

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