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Huahong Technology and Huanjia Group achieved strategic cooperation

Time:2015-09-15 00:32:38

Huahong Technology President Mr. Hu Shiyong and Huanjia Group President Mr. Wang Jinping are signing strategic cooperation agreement.

     Jiangsu Huahong Technology Stock Co., Ltd. and Dalian Huanjia Group achieved strategic cooperation recently. The two parties will start from the recycling resource processing area, and develop multi-level cooperation by using each other’s advantage to jointly open up a new prospect for the recycling resource industry.

     President Mr. Hu Shiyong of Huahong Technology, President Mr. Wang Jinping of Huanjia Group, President Mr. Chenxi of Gezhouba Huanjia company, vice GM Mr. Gu Ruihua of Huahong Technology and vice GM Mr. Dong Haishun of Huanjia Group presented the signing ceremony held in Dalian headquarter of Huanjia Group.

     Huanjia Group is an international enterprise engaged in the comprehensive usage of recycling resources, located in Dalian, Liaoning. After 30 years’ development, it has grown to be the national and Ministry of commerce’s large-sized processing base of the recycling resources. It is also the trade market of the recycling resources and the second hand goods, and trade platform of the recycling resources of Dalian. It is the leading enterprise of Dalian.

     Huanjia Group and Lvyuan Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd, which is the subsidiary of China Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd (Gezhouba 600068), jointly invested and set up Gezhouba Huanjia (Dalian) Recycling Co., Ltd. on June 17th, 2015.