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Huahong Technology Attended China International Recycling Conference & Exhibition 2015

Time:2015-10-25 00:11:38

      General Manager of Huahong Technology Mr. Hu Pinlong led a team to attend China International Recycling Conference & Exhibition 2015 from October 25th to 27th, 2015.
      Hosted by CRRA (shorted for China National Resources Recycling Association), China International Recycling Conference & Exhibition has been successfully held 9 times. During the past 9 years, the scale and the influence range of the conference continuously expanded. As a grand international recycling conference, it attracted many kinds of products to exhibit, expands market and reflects China and international market trends as well.  It has become the most important platform for the enterprises to develop the international market. 
     “Policy, industry development” is the main forum. “Market, trade” and “technology innovation and development” are its two sub-forums. Representatives including leaders of the national ministries and commissions, well-known experts and scholars, national and international suppliers, manufacturers of recycling equipment and recycling enterprises took part in the conference. The conference successfully concluded on October 27th in Binhai One Hot Spring Resort in Tianjin.